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What happened to Discovery Parts?

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A couple weeks ago I received an email from Discovery Parts about a relaunched website and needing to sign up again for an account. At the time I dug into the site and noticed a few things. New items such as Forgeline wheels were now on the site. I also noticed Competition Motorsports branding in some of the images. A quick look at Competition Motorsports website shows they are near identical now. Tonight, my new Lifeline belts showed up from Discovery Parts and shipped from Dawsonville,Ga but in CMS packaging. It looks like Discovery Parts was bought out but for some reason it wasn’t announced.  I like to support the companies that support my hobbies. Put simply, I spend money with sponsors whenever it makes sense to do so. What does this mean for DP/CMS support of ChampCar going forward?


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Ron at Discovery Parts and I had a meeting a couple of weeks ago and talked about his sale of the company to CMS. Nothing changes, except that DP now has access to a lot more product offerings.

Ron is staying on and is the face of DP and will man the mobile onsite retail vehicles. 
Discovery Parts will also be staying on as class sponsor and will continue his great support of ChampCar.


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