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The forum is locked down.


As of now, I am not allowing new registrations. I am going to let my pointy finger rest a bit after sorting through the 100+ post reports and bans. Thank you guys and gals!

I have also initiated some stringent new account levels that I still need to test. But as of now, no new accounts until I can sort through a better way to filter the spammers. 


Thank you.

If you see any more spam posts, please report them asap.

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11 minutes ago, Grufton said:


Not sure if it works on a phone, but on a PC it gives a definition for the term (incorrect in this case) when you hover over those with your mouse.

And it adds the underline to EC when it appears within another word, which isn’t intended… eclectic 

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Right now I really don't care about the underlines. :) 
Spammers, GRM ads, BOD work, New Rules for 2023, and other work related issues, I am focusing on. 
But, at a later date I will look at the settings to sort out what is going on, if it is done at the browser level, or if it is a forum control.

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