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2023 BCCR v2 update December 13, 2022

Bill Strong

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2023 Basic Club and Competition Rules (BCCR) Effective V2.0 1/1/2023

December 13, 2023, release of the 2023 BCCR.



Change Logs
Note:  Redline version includes all changes between 2022 and 2023 BCCR.  Changes between the Preliminary 2023 BCCR Revision 1.0 issued 01Sep2022 and the 2023 BCCR Revision 2.0 issued (Date) and effective 01Jan2023 are as follows:


Section 3.16 TOW HOOK:  

Text added, "Rigid tow hooks that protrude beyond the bumper are strongly discouraged.  Effective 01Jul2023 Rigid tow hooks extending beyond the bumper will not be permitted."

Reason:  Recent incidents at multiple events and with multiple organizations demonstrated a potential risk.



Text Added " All models must be standard factory offerings.  Special, custom or limited editions are not included (Unless identified as such in the VPI). Factory supercharged or turbocharged vehicles must add 100 points to the listed value (Unless already identified as such in the VPI)."

Reason: VPI Table PDF documents are being retired in lieu of Combined VPI Lookup Index Spreadsheet, so NOTE 2 and NOTE 3 from VPI table needed to be relocated to BCCR.  NOTE 1 already in BCCR Section 4.3.2.


Section 4.3.2 Fixed Point Value List

Text Added "Sway bar end link, non-OE, including Heim Joint(s) – 5-points per corner"

Reason: Protest at recent event identified point of ambiguity in list.  


Section 9.5 BODY PANELS

Text Revised Section 9.5.2 "(See Appendix 2 – Chassis Modification Guide for more info)."

Reason: Provide additional clarification based on member feedback to initial rule wording.


Text Revised Section 9.5.6 "OE-Equivalent replacement crash structures are an acceptable substitute."

Reason:  Correct oversite in initial wording and permit teams to repair crash damage.



Graphic Added.

Reason: Provide additional clarification based on member feedback to initial rule wording.


Appendix 3 LEGAL and Appendix 4 BELT INSTALL unchanged beyond renumber.

Reason:  Chassis Modification Guide added


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Some of the modifications referenced in the rule about VPI lookups wont go into effect until AFTER the New Years Sebring event. It's mostly a formatting change that will simplify the lookup process.

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