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Nelson Ledges 2023?


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To me the biggest magic of Nelsons is the night racing. Plus there's lots of 8+7's on the schedule. Thing I heard most for why folks weren't going was timing in relation to other CC events they wanted to run more. 


Why not a do a 15 or 16 that starts at 9am? The rent a seat folks get to sell the usual 2 stints, finish under the moon, have a beverage or 3 with the team afterwards, then pack up and head out in the morning.


I've also thought of suggesting an 8 or 9 + 24. Offer a reduced fee ($600?) for the 8hr race, everyone start together. Checker and FCY or purple 35 comes out at 8hr mark, at which point 8hr people come in for tropies and such, and the 24hr people continue.

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