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SOLD: 2000 Audi A4 with tons of spares/tires/pads/and more - Austin, TX - $8500 OBO - Motivated seller

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SOLD:   2000 Audi A4  1.8l turbo inline-4 FWD, with tons of spares/tires/pads/and more - $8500 OBO.

Getting out of racing - the garage must be cleared. 

Bring a big truck - this is a car, all the spares, and all the pit equipment you will need to go racing.

Car and all spares are located in Austin, TX.  And I’m highly motivated to sell - so don’t be afraid to make me an offer.


This car was built in 2012-13, first raced in 2014, and has raced over 40 race weekends since.

It's FWD - so VPI starts at only 350 pt - but everyone that drives this car says it doesn't

drive like FWD.  And with a 1.8t motor (~200-210HP to the ground), this car pulls hard off

corners and accelerates well all the way down the straights.


It's not the fastest car on the grid, but in the hands of capable drivers, it’s competitive

in class and does well overall.  Has finished in Top 10 overall multiple times,

won Class B twice, and a best-ever 3rd overall.  With a few more tweaks, and a bit of luck, who

knows what place you could find yourself at the end of a race.


For a new team just getting started, this car/spares/equipment package puts you at

the racetrack with nothing to spend but entry fee.  New tires, new brake pads, and

all the pit equipment you need to go racing - all come with this package. 

And probably most importantly, lots and lots of parts available for this car both in

the aftermarket and at the salvage yard

(96-01 Audi A4s and 98-05 VW Passats have swappable parts).


Car:  2000 Audi A4 1.8l turbo inline-4 FWD (VPI=350 pt)

               - aftermarket adjustable front (20 pt) and rear (20 pt) swaybars

               - camber adjust, front only (20 pt)

               - front mount intercooler (25 pt)

               - aftermarket oil cooler (20 pt)

               - solid engine mounts (10 pt)

               - aftermarket lowering springs (4 corners, 20 pt)


               485 pt total in this configuration


               - APR stg 1 ECU tune (0 pt - uses stock ECU)

               - Lexan front windshield (0 pt)

               - 17x7.5 wheels, fitted with 225/45/17 (0 pt)

               - Flagtronics

               - Fire suppression (needs new SFI/FIA bottle)

               - Harness (good thru June 2023)

               - Window net (good thru December 2023)


Spares:  Way too much to list here, so just the highlights...

               - Newly rebuilt 1.8t engine, already broken in, but never raced

               - Spare gearbox (used with break-in, so it works)

               - New gaskets, clamps, sensors, plugs, and more

               - 2 sets of new/unused Hawk brake pads (front & rear:  $450/set)

               - 2 sets of new/unused Falken Azenis RT660s ($800 per set, 3 sets of wheels total)

               - 2 stock ECUs (3 ECUs total)

               - fuel injectors & coil packs

               - turbos

               - alternator

               - water pumps

               - intake manifolds, exhaust manifolds

               - steering racks

               - suspension arms and knuckles

               - stock struts and springs

               - clutches (stg 1 aftermarket, and stock)

               - fly wheels (light weight single mass, and dual mass stock)

               - hood and front quarter panels

               - radiators, hoses, front clip & cross member (in case of front-end damage)


Equipment:  What you’ll need at the race track

               - 10x10 Summit racing steel from canopy ($200 new)

               - 16 5gal gasoline cans

               - 2 10lbs fire extinguishers

               - repair manual

               - custom tools to get hard-to-reach fasteners










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More pics of the spares kit here.

Tons of new parts (coils, gaskets, plugs, fluids, tires...) and a whole wall full of bins with replacements (suspensions, radiators, steering racks, body parts...).

In addition to the spare rebuilt engine, spare gearbox, and the 2 sets (8 total tires) of brand new Falken RT660 tires, there is:

  • New alternator ($250 new)
  • Light weight flywheel with stage 2 clutch ($450 new)
  • Multiple ECUs (run different tunes - $100 each)
  • Two fully charged fire bottles ($75 each)
  • Hood and front quarter panels
  • An entire wall full of parts bins with water pumps, head lights, manifolds, suspension parts,...

There's just too much to list and way, way more here than just the car.  🙂














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  • Rick.Cook23@yahoo.com changed the title to SOLD: 2000 Audi A4 with tons of spares/tires/pads/and more - Austin, TX - $8500 OBO - Motivated seller

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