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Sebring Seat Available

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MBM Performance has 1 seat available for Sebring NYE.

Professionally built and run A-class Miatas that are consistently at the top of the lap charts with a recent win at Pitt.

Experienced driver required, all teammates are seasoned and competitive racers. $2600 full arrive and drive, 2 stints, practice day, drinks, and snacks included.


Please contact here or Grant Barron (781) 201 0141 with any questions or for additional info. Can provide plenty of references from Champ racers who have run with us.



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Mbm is a prove team and car. You can pay $3500 + to drive a Porsche that finishes, eh, midpack or  wherever.  Or you can pay $2600 to drive a var with the potential  to finish towards the front. 

I guess it just depends what you think will be more impressive/ fulfilling to your ego

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I wouldn’t pay $2600 to drive a Porsche either. I’d rather pay half that and contribute to the end result by helping in the pit and getting under the car when needed. I don’t care what kind of car it is. I raced an 80s Prelude once and had a fricking blast. Turned fast laps, had issues, worked on the car, got it back on track and turned hot laps again.

I’d love to run with MBM, nothing against them at all. $2600 is just sharp that’s all. I hope they find a driver and bring home a trophy.

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