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SE / Treasure Coast Florida: looking to join or form a team

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I’m located in Jupiter, would like to join an existing team or find the right group to form a new team. 

Goal would be to run the FL races plus maybe 1 or 2 out of state, in a car that is robust and reasonably competitive in class.  Car agnostic but prefer something RWD in B or C. Prefer to buy into a car, or buy a car, rather than build from scratch but I’m open to any path with the right team fit. BMW, Boxster, rx7, swap Miata, ??? I would prefer to race a focused champcar rather than shoehorn something from another rules set, in the interest of competitiveness.


About me: autocross since mid 90s, track days last 10+ years, and a few ChampCar races in rented seats. Mechanical engineer by day with tools and some wrenching experience on my track cars. Self-assessment as a driver: competent on track, wouldn’t claim to be super fast but learning racecraft and managing traffic.  Zero contact, offs, or black flags in the races I’ve done. Would like to gather data with other drivers in the same car to improve.


I have some ideas about what it would take to run a successful team. Shoot me an email if you’d like to chat.  

Matthewgent at gmail 



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