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"BCCR 4.5.6. Vehicles must use the highest valued model from its generation." Is this still a thing?

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IIRC there is a rolling change that will moving foreword have the swap calculator look up a predetermined "swap vpi" that may not follow the highest model rule.  As of now I've heard there's only like 1 car that's been effected.

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2 hours ago, Gkuhn41 said:

From what I understand the swap calculator will tell you what your starting value is from now on. Some models will fall into this category some may not. What ones do and do not will be set by the BOD.


@Chris Huggins is this understanding correct?


Yes.  If your model needs to be assessed put in a ticket and it will get put on the list for TAC to review.


The 4th gen integra and EK civics are the primary examples that I used when pushing for this change, as those cars are popular affordable cars to swap but absolutely prevented from swapping due to the ITR/SI being so high on the VPI list.


No values were changed as part of the initial implementation however, it was enough to manage converting the system over without assessing the impact of such changes, so the integra is still starting at 450 currently.

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On 1/14/2023 at 10:37 PM, Clueless Racing said:

Some comments have been made in threads indicating that this would no longer be the case.  The swap calculator still includes it.  Has this changed or was that a pipe dream for those of us stuck with Integra Type R starting points on a swap?

I had just asked this question in a ticket and confirmed - still a thing.  For example: 1992 Integra (non-VTEC B18A/B) is 225 points, to do a basic swap to a B18Cx the calculator bumps us up to 325 points (GS-R) plus the swap points (50) at the minimum.  Makes no sense to do so for us; if we want VTEC performance we can do a head swap for less and end up with just about the same hp increase, thus saving the 50 swap points.  A B20 from CR-V @ 148hp still costs the 150 points for 8 hp gain.  Since B18A/B motors are getting hard to find this could be a common swap to keep the cars on the track - luckily we have a couple good B18's still running.  Others may not be so lucky.

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