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How many spare wheels/tires?

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So I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on some Konig Rewinds for the RX7.  Planning to run Daytona in April.  My thought is to have 2 spares and cycle them throughout the race. 

My question would be this:  If you assume to use up 1 set of tires for a race weekend (double 7, 14 hour, etc.), how many mounted spares do you have available in the pits?  Yes, I know that we have a new tire changing rule for this year, so I am more talking about dealing with flat tires.  

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If you expect 4 to last the whole race weekend, 6 minimum.  I would bring two full sets myself (one set might be used tires from a previous race). 


We've had a weekend where we lost 3 to incidents.  One flat early in the race weekend, and then got hit mid day the second day that destroyed two wheels.  It's rare, but it can happen.  


Assuming you have a wheel/tire size that is pretty common, there are normally people that would be willing to help at the track if you were in situation where you needed some.  Whether that be loose tires that you would need to get mounted, or spare mounted they are willing to let you use for a fee (tire's ain't cheap! :))

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Depends on tire choice, but I'll assume it won't be the sticky ickys.


Running RS4's and now Conti ECF's on a miata we've always taken two full sets.  One used, one new.


The used set is what we last raced on.  We use them for practice and then grab as needed if unfortunate events occur during the race weekend.  The new set then become the next practice/backups.

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If you run RS4's and are not flat spotting tires, 6.

If like us you abused the heck out of tires 8 M&B with 2 spares ready to mount.

If you run tires that cant make 2 full days. 12 M&B or 8M&B and 4 unmounted with a way to mount after day one. 

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