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Champcar Calendar (Physical Calendar)

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This may be just a me thing, but curious if there is any interest out there for a physical Champcar Calendar.  At work and at home both I have photo calendars hanging. If it was available I would gladly purchase/hang a champcar calendar.  It could have all of the race dates on it, as well as some cool event images from the prior year.


I found a post on this from Doc in late 2018 asking about this same thing, his poll generated 22 "Absolutely" votes and only 5 "No" votes.  I could not find if this ever came to fruition (and haven't seen them for sale at our events).

Probably not worth it if only 10 people buy it, but if we had more interest maybe we could give it a try. 


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It's something that I have planned for our new store that will be opened very soon—just waiting on some of the financial details to get sorted. 


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On 1/27/2023 at 3:40 PM, MMiskoe said:

Who gets to pose for the June centerfold shot?  Bill or Dana?



Oh, was it not intended to be "that" kind of calendar?  I'm sorry.  Carry on.




I just finished watching the Chippendales mini-series. I have a lot of ideas now for a calendar.  Dad Bods and ChampCars 2024.


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