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Price: $9500

Location: Greensboro, North Carolina

Very easy car to drive fast. Safety gear will need to be updated. Then get new tires, brake pads and go racing.

THIS CAR IS A STRAIGHT CHASSIS....Has never taken a hit or needed to be put on a frame machine.
Only damage has been cosmetic, fender bumpers doors.


  • b18c engine with type r head and cams (185 hp)
  • type r transmission
  • driveshaft road race axels
  • 15 gallon Fuel cell with 2 fuel pumps on a switch so if one fails during the race you don't miss a beat
  • full cage with nascar bars 
  • Fire suppression system
  • adjustable seat
  • PIC non adjustable coilovers
  • Hondata ecu
  • Hondata COP 
  • Rywire race harness and chassis harness
  • Type R Brakes
  • Coolsuit wiring present
  • Night HEADLIGHT setup
  • Spares include: extra wheels  All wheels are 15x8 JRW wheels
  • Lap times (TAU Racing in ChampCar): 
    • VIR North 1.44.4  (yoko ao52)
    • CMP 1.51.7   (rivals)
    • AMP 1.38.8 (rivals)
    • VIR South 1.25.1 (rivals)

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask Chad Slagg - 336-484-1234; hoopla14@gmail.com


Acura 1.jpg

Acura 2.jpg

Acura 3.jpg

Acura 4.jpg

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