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New Central PA Team Looking for New Team Mates!

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We are based in Clearfield, PA. This spring we will be raising a 2 car garage with a 12.5 foot ceiling. We have plans to install a car lift, hence the high ceilings. Our infrastructure is coming along. Expect to have every tool needed/wanted. Our recommended progression for new drivers will provide you with an SCCA Competition License. With a competition license you can get seat time on the cheap. For example, a test and tune day at Pittsburgh International starts at $200. Seat time = we win! We drive a 1995 Honda Prelude; 220 HP 2300 pounds. Our car is dominant in B class. As we gain experience we have plans to build a car from the ground up to compete for the overall win. 


If these plans fall in line with your hopes and desires, please give me a call as we want you on our team! 


John DuFour

phone: 662-722-2333

Clearfield, PA

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John -


We have talked before. I'm in Pittsburgh, but have family and friends in Clearfield. In fact you know a few of them.


You have my number, hit me up if you need help. If my weekends are free I'll drive up.

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