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Offering to drive for Joliet Autobahn event

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Any decent teams in need of an experienced driver, or looking for a bit of an advantage? I'm a member at the Joliet Autobahn looking for a drive. I've raced Spec Miata there for @ 5 years, know the track well and can turn quick and consistent laps. I have taken a couple of years break to do stuff with my kid and I won't be ready for a program this summer but I'm itching to get on the track. 


What I bring to the table:


  • Autobahn track experience.
  • Racing experience ( 5 years SM at Autobahn, 15 years of Advanced group HPDE in Honda S2000, 4 years karting)
  • Useful with a wrench
  • [Likely] a really good pit location near the track in/out for quick pit stops.
  • As a local, I can bring lots of supplies in my trailer (tools, engine hoist, generator, can bunk in the trailer if wanted, ... even lodging in a real home/bed if you don't mind a 40 minute drive from the track, or a garage w/lift if a big overnight job needs to be done)


I'm looking for a team & drive for fun, to do well and offer something to a team who values that. I am not looking to 'buy a seat' though I understand racing costs and those costs are shared and I expect to contribute.  I am looking for some consideration for what I can offer as a local and Autobahn member including helping the other drivers learn the track better, giving ride-a-longs if you can come early and even lodging at my house if that fits the schedule.


Hit me up if interested in further discussion.

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Dee Dee,


I don't have a membership (yet).  I was just throwing this out since I would like to get some W2W time in this summer and know I won't the time or my own car ready for a full season myself due to family commitments. 


I have plenty to offer at the Autobahn specifically, but also at Upper Great Lakes area tracks (Gingerman, Road America, etc.) where I've got plenty of familiarity and experience. But my primary goal was to get myself into a good (or fun, preferably both) team with my extra access, perks and proximity to the Joliet Autobahn.


I haven't raced with Champcar yet, though my Autobahn competition license should be respected as it is for SCCA and I think NASA. I know I'd have to register and all and would expect to have to do that.

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On 3/14/2023 at 7:48 AM, DEE DEE said:

Vetter,  What level membership do you have ?

I might have mis-understood your question. Do you mean Autobahn membership? If that was your question, I'm a regular member (not founding member, not the lower-tier social membership ... just the 'normal' membership; I don't a garage mahal there or rent a garage ... I just show up and drive). I also have my competition license for club racing. 


- Steve

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