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FS - '05 Volvo - Lemons Tech'd and Raced - Pittsburgh PA

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Moose Crossing - 2005 Volvo S60 - $6,250  - OBO
Open to offers, but anyone building a car should add up the costs and keep that in mind.

Located 20 min north of Pittsburgh, PA.

Selling due to a failed attempt to create a combination time machine / teleportation device....

For photos of the car and videos of it being driven go to this album (note...the driver in the vid is a 17 yo rookie driver...but does pretty well):

This is a race prepped 2005 Volvo S60 2.5 turbo all-wheel drive which passed Lemons tech and raced in B class (zero penalty laps) in the 2021 Pittsburgh race.  It has a stock and unmolested drive train so it isn’t cheaty and you will be able to maintain the car (or upgrade it)  from a known point of reference that closely matches the book.   We were a rookie team and took our time between drivers, fueling was done in the paddock, and we didn’t stress about our finishing position the first time out.  This is a car that will run the weekend and will stay out a reasonable time between stints since it has a 5 cylinder engine and a turbo. 

Our main challenge after the Pitt race was to sort out the brakes and and the suspension and I believe we now have a superior setup (more on that later).

As far as race cars go, this is flexible and comfortable.  It will fit a wide range of drivers.  Our team was made up of drivers from 5’6” to 6’1” and weight ranges from 150lbs to 250lbs.  The stock power seat adjuster was left in the vehicle and the race seat was welded to a bracket which was fastened to the stock seat mount and this allows a fair amount of flexibility in the driving position. 

Safety Gear

  • Let’s start with the fact it’s a Volvo and represents one of the safest cars on the planet.  All structural aspects of the car have been retained.
  • 1.75” x .120” DOM tube cage
  • 8 nozzle fire suppression (4 in engine bay plus 2 at driver and 2 in rear at fuel pump/sender).  Fire pulls at driver and passenger window locations.
  • Firemarshall 2000 4L / 5lb 2000 tank
  • Kirkey 65170 - 17” seat with cover.  Even a 250lb big boy can snuggle into it but a string bean can be secured as well.
  • 2022 Racequip belts
  • Pryrotec functioning electrical shutoff
  • 5 panel mirror installed
  • Stock working lights and brakes
  • Stock crack-free windscreen
  • Stock working wipers
  • Stock working defrost / heat

Drive Train

  • VIN:  YV1RH592X52475159
  • Stock 2.5L 5 cyl engine
  • Hilton Stage 2 Tune
  • Volvo R-Series intercooler charge pipe
  • Stock turbo
  • Stock All-wheel drive system
  • Stock Automatic Transmission (added transmission cooler)
  • Stock fuel system (no fuel cell)


  • R-design anti-sway bars from junkyard
  • Lowered using existing springs and struts
  • Front wheels cambered 2.5 degrees using existing struts, knuckle and camber adjusting bolts (no cheaty adjustable coilovers
  • These changes have significantly stiffened the car and made it more capable in the corners and easier on the tires.
  • Note: These changes will need to be dialed in on a pre-race test and tune.


  • Upgraded R-design calipers on all 4 corners (brembo)
  • New stainless steel brake hoses
  • New (never raced) rotors x4
  • New (never raced)  EBC Blue pads x4
  • New (never raced) Castrol React SRF fluid
  • Ports in front bumper ready for brake cooling ducts if needed
  • Note:  brakes will need to be bedded properly.  Have not been broken in at all.
  • Note:  The rotors, pads and fluid come from FCP Euro with a replacement guarantee.  We can discuss how this might work.


  • Fresh oil change with 20-50 Valvoline race oil
  • Fresh transmission fluid change
  • Additional set of wheels and tires (tires not new but will get you through a day or two)
  • Lexan rear windshield installed
  • Additional sheet of lexan that can be cut for door windows
  • Magnet antenna and cable for in-car radio (not installed)
  • All theme stuff is easily removed / changed.  Vinyl livery and the brown is plasti-dip coating.
  • The car can be lightened by stripping out everything not needed in the interior (ie door panels, stereo, speakers…we left the speakers ….because fun)
  • If a title is important we have one (Vermont title)
  • If we planned to continue to race this car ourselves we would probably save up for a 6 speed manual from a Volvo S60 R-design and swap it after 5 or so more races.  But, the automatic was great and gave everyone on our team a good experience.
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