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Randy Lewis

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

So... for those of you who don't know who Randy Lewis is... he's the ULTIMATE TRACK CHASER. He's the KING of documenting race tracks. How many tracks has Randy been to?

1,650 tracks around the freakin' world!

Talk about the ultimate racing junkie! Well, he just racked up number 1,651! Where?

The ChumpCar-Caldera Mexicali Grand Prix!

If any of you had any doubts as to the car count, the spectators, the superb track and the great fun that we had... check out Randy Lewis Racing's video of the event. And, I hear he's planning on going to Ensenada in August!

If HE'S there... YOU should be there!

Here's his video:

Totally fun!

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Guest Go Mental

If you go to Randy's site and check out the Darrell Dake page.

My father sponsored Darrell later in his career,Quality Heating and Air Conditioning.

I learned alot from both of them.

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