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Zebra miata Ecotec for sale $6,000 aluminum trailer $4,000

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Sadly the engine went south at harris hill this march. spun a bearing.. its time for me to quit for a while, Im leaving the country and Costa Rica does not have a paved race track ....yet..


I offer this car for someone to put a new ecotec for $600-900 ... and go race..

has a 2023 champCar inspection and new set of tires ... we showed up to race the weekend and the bearing went south friday ... packed it in and went home..my loss your win.


ZEBRA Miata   Modifications:  1997 NA body, Ecotec conversion  

Suspension / Tires / Brakes / Body

· Fatcat custom coilovers, adjustable

· 700/ 400 coils

· OEM sway bars, 949 end links

· FM sways with 949 adjustable endlinks as alternate in box

  • 949 Energy Suspension bushings 90-05 Miata
  • Application: Master Kit - Miata 94-97 R package only

· 9″ wide x 15″ wheels with Maxxis 245-45 tires

·  9 x 15” wheels with new RC-1 245-45-15 tires 

· OEM brake calipers with G-Loc R8 and R10 pads plus extra set in boxes

· Wildwood brake proportioning valve

· Stainless brake lines

· Fiberglass headlight door replacements

· Aerocatch hood latches

· Seam Welded for additional rigidity.

· Transmission tunnel modified to accommodate race seat

· Stock door windows with Advance Autosport brackets for easy open trailer

Weight reduction

· Dry weight of car is 2000 lbs

· Wiring harness completely pruned and shortened.

· Trunk lid gutted, and the Hood gutted  pinned on

· Treasure coast light 14 lb roof new lexan rear window in box

· Doors gutted.

· Components deleted:

o   All interior trim

o   Headlights and door mechanisms

o   Air conditioning

o   Power steering deleted.

o   Trunk, gas tank, hood releases

o   Parking brake

o   Dashboard, instrument cluster

o   Emissions components

o   Cruise control

o   Side mirrors

o   Exterior lights (except brake lights)

 Safety / driver comfort

o FIA Schroth 6 point pull-up driver race harness (valid until Dec 31, 2024)

o Firebottle system valid thru 2023

o Handheld fire bottle in driver reach

o Ultrashield 16" RoadRace driver seat w/IO Port aluminum seat back brace

o Ultrashield 15" rally seat on passenger side w/5 point belt for passenger ride-alongs (with seat back brace too!)

o Simpson side net

o IO Port window net

o Miatacage roll cage

o Miatacage steering wheel release

o Miatacage laser cut aluminum rear deck cover

o Momo Quark steering wheel

o Longacre Right and Left spot mirrors

o Wink Rearview Mirror

o Advanced Autosport vented windows

o Sparco front tow strap and Miatacage rear tow hook

o Relocated door latch using OEM handle

o Master disconnect switch and fused battery lead

o Cool shirt and extra large cool suit cooler in trunk

LRD rear wing and spliter assembly


· Aim dashboard with oil pressure, oil temp, water temp, fuel pressure, fuel level

· Garmin GPS system

· Air/fuel mixture gauge

· Volt meter and 12 volt outlets


· New steering rack installed Jan 2023

· Mishimoto aluminum radiator and silicone coolant hoses

· Moroso aluminum coolant catch tank

· Aluminum catch can

· Stock JDM 5 speed transmission

· Stainless flexible clutch line

· Torsen LSD w/4.30 gears

· New battery installed march 2023

Ecotec conversion done in 2018. 4 engines and 3 transmissions later

· 2 Qt accusump system and external oil filter

· Extra 5 speed Agha built Miata  5 speed transmission zero miles

· Two chevy T5 transmissions included

· Complete extra Ecotec conversion kit in a box.

· Extra set of front pads and 2 sets of rear pads

· New set of tires only scrubbed in









zebra 3 wheel cota.jpg

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9 hours ago, takjak2 said:

This looks like a great deal for anyone joining the swap game.

Listing says AIM dash, but pics show Traqmate.

that is  an old picture good catch.. it is a complete AIM setup after the swap from 1.8L to the ecotec...


Ill have to get a new picture.i had the car for more than8 years.... have to go digging around for the model and such..

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On 3/23/2023 at 10:49 PM, Tomtom said:


items I see that should be points


· Fatcat custom coilovers, adjustable

· 949 end links

· Fiberglass headlight door replacements

· Aerocatch hood latches

o Exterior lights (except brake lights)  all cars required to have headlights of some sort for bad weather

o Miatacage laser cut aluminum rear deck cover  is this a point item?

o Master disconnect switch and fused battery lead  is this reachable by the driver when strapped in?

.  LRD rear wing and spliter assembly


· 2 Qt accusump system and external oil filter


Where is the car located?

What is the current point value as raced last?

Above is what I see as points

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arg i soooooooo want this..... but no room left and wife would leave if i got it 😕


now the extra conversion kit, i might want to procure those bits for the miata i do have.....

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be kind folks... The nitpicking is another reason im leaving the sport...


if you want it email  drugschnorr@gmail.com or text me  otherwise  a modicum of restraint is in order, but that could be too much..


oh well  have fun and stay safe

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