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ChampCar iRacing 4 Hours of Summit Point

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Its finally upon us, the first iRacing team endurance event of the year! 


In a change to normal operation, teams will have to pre-register for this event, by posting their lineup in this thread. The 50 race spots will be assigned in order of registration, first come first served. 


4 Hours of Summit Point: Saturday April 15th, 2023

Team Requirement: 2 or 3 drivers per team - Post in the forum to register. ChampCar stint rules, max 2 hours with 1 hour rest between stints. 

Practice Start: 1:00pm ET

Qualifying Start: 1:45pm ET -- Open Qualifying

Race Start: 2:00pm ET

Car: Toyota GR86

Track: Summit Point Raceway

In-Sim Practice Session Date: April 15

In-Sim Practice Session Start Time: 1pm

In-Sim Time Multiplier: 1x

Weather: Auto-Generated

Cautions: On (Manually thrown when cars need towed to pits)

Incident Limit: 50/20 (Drive through after 50 incidents, and each 20 after that)

Prize: $150 Champbucks - Enduro season winner wins an additional $150 Champbucks

Setup: Open - ChampCar Baseline available on Discord

Fast Repairs: 2

License Requirements: Practice Rounds (None), Championship Round (>D2.0)

Autofuel: Permitted

Practice Sessions:
Solo race practice -  5th of April (Practice : 7:30PM ET, Quali 10:00PM ET, 10:15PM ET)

Team race practice - 12th of April (Practice : 7:30PM ET, Quali 10:00PM ET, 10:15PM ET)

comment below in the format

Team Name: A Racing Team
Car Number: #69 lol
Driver 1: David Haines
Driver 2: Devon Peters
Driver 3: Michael Derby


Fill the form


Join the league here!

Join the Discord server here!

2023 ChampCar iRacing Series Schedule

2023 Protest Form

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Team Name: Love Racing
Car Number: #647
Driver 1: Nicholas Love
Driver 2: Sean Suputra


This is definitely going to be an action packed race and we're pumped! It'll be a good refresher on some long stints wheel-to-wheel before we head to Ozarks!

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Despite burning up both fast repairs in the first hour we managed to finish with 18 incident points - tied for lowest in the race. 


We were apparently the least prepared team, still a fun event.  My last stint where there was no one to catch for position and no one to catch me was very reminiscent of late hours in a real enduro - just put the laps in and finish the race.  Learned a lot about sim enduros which I hope to put to good use next time. 

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