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Class A/Class C? E36/E46/Something else?

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Hey guys!

Used to race a Miata in PTE/PTD way back when, looking to do more endurance racing after racing an E36 a few years ago in GP2.
Couple of race wins under our belt there and itching for some more competitive endurance racing in the future!

Seen a few threads debating E36 vs E46 from a few years ago.
That being said, what seems to be the hot model these days? Should we continue looking at E36's and E46's?
What particular models? 
Those who are running those models, what's the race to race upkeep like?

Open to other (non-BMW) suggestions as we shop around! Miatas unfortunately are off the table as I hardly pass the broomstick rule.

We're budget minded and don't really want to empty 100% (maybe 95%) of our wallets.
We're located in Kansas City and would consider dragging something back for the right price if you feel like reaching out!

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Boxster seems to fit big people and looks fast.


If you want to go fast cheap and easy NC Miata is the way to go, not sure if they have more room than NA/NB.

Other options are more complicated builds like swapped Rx7s and 944s but don't know anything about that.


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Lots of things to remove for champcar. But starting point is at a good price. 

Top platforms IMO

NC Miata 



E30 swap 

NB Miata 


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