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Balaclava with holes for earplug wires?

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Is it allowed and more importantly is it safe to put a small hole in the side of a balaclava for the earplug wires?  This would prevent the wires from having to go down the entire balaclava skirt to then come back up to the helmet connector.

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Probably isn't the end of the world if the hole doesn't fray and get bigger.  Although I might be quiet about it.


I was under the impression that head socks were to help protect your chin and throat area and contain long hair.  Your ears should be pretty well inside the helmet.


Unless you're Eeyore. 



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If you cut a hole in it, make sure you singe it to prevent fraying.


With that said, I cut a slit in an older one for that exact purpose and it has still not frayed significantly.  

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