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Zamp 6pt FIA Harnesses

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New set of Zamp 6pt FIA Harness for endurence racing. Lap adjusters are close to the Camlock for easier tightening of the belts. 3" inch Lap and 2" shoulder belts for Hans use. 


$250 Shippped lower 48. Experation is 06/28



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3 hours ago, TimS said:

That is a great deal. One set?  Overstock or something you didn’t like?

purchased for a customer and then he changed his mind before they arrived. Normal price is $279. I am giving the ``10  off still for Champsters. 

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I need to replace my Pyrotect FIA (expires this year)set and I want to try the pull down adjusters that are locate at the buckle. The pull ups I have now are not the easiest. But I can’t see spending $600-$700 on a set of belts that age out in 5 years. The Pyrotect set are great just want to try to “new” type adjuster. 
What did the customer decide to use instead?

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I use the Pyrotect FIA also. Sent them back to Steve and had him relocate the lap belt adjusters to work better with my seat. Still not perfect but better. I am going to convert to these after. Having the adjusters close to the latch really should make ot easier for people to tighten the belts. Has quality buckles and quick release loops for quicker driver changes. 

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