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2006 GMC 3/4T Duramax

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This isn’t a racecar, but it damn sure has been part of our racing program for the last 17 years, maybe it can be just as good to someone else’s Champcar success.


2006 GMC Sierra 2500HD, work truck trim.  Duramax/Allison, crew cab, 8’ box, 4wd. 114k miles.  Hitch and brake controller.  Single owner truck, very clean, no accidents, no real history to disclose.  Rarely driven in the winter (not never, but rarely).  This truck has towed my 24’ enclosed trailer up and down the east coast for 15+ years without skipping a beat.  Nothing wrong with it, but time to move on.

Here's the full disclosure list - Replaced a headlight and plastic trim after a deer hit, that's the only accident damage. Both front hubs, transmission cooler lines, brake lines, mid-driveshaft carrier, a few glow plugs, one injector, steering drag-link. It did lose the fuel pump about 18 months ago, had it replaced, that was the biggest issue it ever had. It has a weepy fitting on the oil pan at the level sensor, if it sits for a week you'll have a silver dollar size spot on the driveway. The radio display is flaky, but if you push it in the upper corner it comes back. I really can't think of anything else. It isn't a show truck, but it never gets abused and always gets what it needs.


Located in Concord NH



Following “Bill’s rules”

  1. Pictures.  Check.

  2. Included – hitch, brake controller, strapon mirrors, rubber bed mat, owner’s manual and documentation that I have

  3. Who built – GM in Dearborn MI

  4. Rebuilt engine – no

  5. History of car racing – successfully finished trips to many tracks up and down the eastern seaboard, it has brought home its share of trophies

  6. Price - $25k

  7. Issues – small oil leak on the pan, headliner is sagging at the drivers door, radio display is flakey

  8. Located – Concord NH

  9. Contact – mmiskoe57 at comcast.net is the best, or PM me here

  10. Negotiating – need offers first

  11. Log book – aren’t these on line now?







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