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ISO: two seats for a race this fall September or October.

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Title says most of it. Looking for at least two maybe three seats for really any race this fall new to champ car and road racing but not wheel to wheel racing. Both drivers are around six foot one inch tall and brown use 17 inch seats in oval cars. Open to two different cars on the same team as well. Thank you

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8 minutes ago, Wittenauer Motorsports said:

What region of the country?

We are decently open we are in iowa so about everywhere is a travel for us. So nothing is super out of the question if we could get help getting from the airport to the track really.

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Rockwell Autosport is planning to run AMP in October and NOLA in November. We have a multi car Porsche Boxster program with room and support for new to ChampCar drivers and have been having good results. Speaking of room, we've fit drivers up to about six foot four in the #10 car that I take care of.

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On 4/27/2023 at 4:38 PM, cody.steinbach said:

we are in iowa

Location in Iowa?


We are an Iowa based team which has a little time with Champcar, ok maybe about 10 years.

Might be able to point some suggestions for you and you can send me a PM if you have questions.


We house the cars in rural Mt Vernon.

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