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Competitive A class 1994 Miata

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Please read full description before asking questions!
Endurance racing car fort sale. Currently a competitive Champcar Endurance series A class car. This car finished in top 10 most of the races with 2 VIR N A class wins.
The car is a 1994 Mazda Miata with a NASA PTE logbook.
The front clip was damaged during previous ownership but I rewelded a new front clip. the job is not perfect visually but it's study and straight.
Car comes with bill of sale only.
Car has been endurance raced since probably 2020 and it sits at Champcar 500 VPI. Engine only has 40 hours on it.
Here is the build:
-1994 Miata chassis with BP6D (NB2) swap including fuel system conversion to returnless system and full wiring harness swap. It is basically an NB2 in a NA8 chassis.
-Car weights a bit over 1900 lbs without driver and it's making ~150 whp
-EUDM BP6D engine which comes with free flat top (proof of purchase and import will be provided to show during impound)
- To elaborate: The engine block is a low mileage EUDM engine with a EUDM head built by me. Besides the typical valve lapping, new valve stem seals and valve springs it features a port and polish job, bowl blend and valve unshrouding, cerakote thermal reflective coating on valve lobes and combustion chamber, cerakote anti-friction coating cam journals and valve stems.
-NA8 Alternator for improved reliability because I had several NB2 alternators fail.
-Coolant reroute
-Brofabs front hubs and Miatahub rears
-Adjustable end links
-Extended lower ball joints
-SM Bilstein suspension with fat cat top hats
-Full polyurethane bushings minus upper control arms which are new from Mazdamotorsports (will provide the poly bushings separately)
-Aluminium Koyo radiator
-Racing beat exhaust header
-Springfield Dyno spec miata exhaust
-4.3 Torsen differential
-NB low mileage 5 speed transmission
-Supermiata flywheel
-Flying Miata stage 1 sprung clutch
-9lives racing medium downforce kit (Splitter, dam, wing)
-Runs on MSPNP3 ECU tuned on 93 octane
-Treasure coast miata lightweight fiberglass top with brand new lexan window
-New Koning Hexagram 15x9 wheels with used (8 hours) Falken RT660 225/45/15 tires
-Fire suppression system recharged and recertified this year so good for 2 years
-Window net expires in June 2026 (It is SFI so good for 5 years, expiration says June 2023 but it is good for 3 more years)
-Aluminium Kirley Halo seat with back brace
-Floor drop to accommodate tall drivers
-OEM NA8 sway bars
-G force enduro Seat belts good till end of 2024
Spares that come with the car:
-Bilstein suspension struts
-Various engine gaskets
-BP6D Head
-Control arms
-Engine block and engine components
-MSPNP3 (yes, a spare standalone ECU)
-Tie rod ends and inner tie rods
-Various sensor, coil packs and electrical components
-One spare NLR splitter mount system
-HDPE (air dam material)
I am probably missing spare items but you will basically get everything I have that it related to this car and BP6D engines.
Spares that are NOT included but can be included for additional cost:
-1 set of Konig Dekagram 15x9 with BRAND NEW Falken RT660 225/45/15 - $900
-1 set (5 wheels) of Konig Helix 15x9 with BRAND NEW Falken RT660 225/45/15 - $900
-Motorola Radios, 1 radio for crew and 1 hardwired for driver - $500
-One fully assembled low mileage EUDM BP6D engine - $1200
Please PM for details, Serious inquiries only.
Car is located in Nokesville VA and I can help ship but will only travel within 100 miles radius.

PXL_20230916_181453370 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181501235 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181509137 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181517291 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181522462 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181530247 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181535063 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181542110 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181551391 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181606853 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181620549 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181637579 - Copy (2).jpg

PXL_20230916_181642686 - Copy (2).jpg


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