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The OTHER Awards

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

Best Theme - #28; La Familia

Best Engineering - #11; Happy Toyz

Automotive Excellence Award - Cars #1 and #10; Squirrels of Fury

Maytag Spin-Cycle Award - #15; Government Motors

Timex Award (they just kept on tickin') - #7; World Rally Chumps

Most Visits to the Penalty Box Award - #69; Rockerz 'n Dockers

Most Philanthropic Donation to Portland Community College Award - #00; Breast Men

Best American Iron - #74; Team IROC

Best International Entry - #13; Geri-at-Tricks-or-Treats

Most Driver Changes in Any Motorsports Event (ever!) - #3; Workers Revenge

Best Flat-Spotted Tires Award - #29; Team Zombiata / Produnk

Ugliest Car on the Trailer Award (before the race started!) - #80; Free Range Racing

Best Aerodynamic Modification Award - $20; The Brian Towey Surfing School


Next race, we're going to have to have an award winner for "Best Car That Does Look Like A Car"

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