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The View From Turn 1

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

The following was sent to me by a great friend and long-timer racer who works corners with the Cascade Sports Car Club. She was actually driving in the Worker's Revenge car for the event, but she got this note from the Turn Marshall at T1 during our event. Here's what it looked like from the other side of the steering wheel:

"Spent 20+ of the 24 on Turn 1, and am not sure I have ever had so much fun at any one single race. I expected it to be entertaining and fun but I did not expect those $500 crap cans to race so hard. And considering nearly half of the 270 registered drivers had never raced before (or so I heard) the race was extremely well run by nearly everyone. Even the majority of the late breaking, take no prisoner passing was done with room left for the other cars.

All but 5 or so of the cars finished, there were only a couple car to car contacts, a smattering tire wall hits. There was a quick flash fire on an RX7 during a red flag just to break the cherries for a couple of new corner workers.

I had three cars spin on the front straight in the braking zone for turn one without hitting anything. Including the Volvo, who probably would have hit the wall if it weren't for that split in the wall on drivers left across from Turn 1. And there was the Fiero that spun over a dozen times between turns 1 and 3, and just as often elsewhere around the track. And at least 5 times he stalled and would sit trying to start until we would finally dispatch the Safety Truck, at that point the Fiero would spark to life and take off... only to spin yet another lap. (at he end of the race it won the Maytag Spin Cycle award)

And the only time I had to say anything about one car that was unsafe, late break diving clear through the apex at 1, and diving under cars in the apex of 2 and 3, like every other lap... I finally made a call that they were exceeding the spirit of the race and a few laps they called him and I imagine set the wrecking crew loose on him (her?). I hate being a hall monitor but it was the only car taking it to that extreme and the Stewards acted quickly. And that car was relatively well behaved the rest of the race. (I don't really know whose fault it was when he caved in the door of the Quattro in T3... )

From my viewpoint it was very well run and I can't wait for next Halloween. I am telling all my gear head friends they should look at this series to get involved in and at very least they should come up with a Halloween costume that involves thermal underwear for next year.


How's that for cool?


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