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I am not quite the Zombie I was on Sunday's drive home to NE Ohio but am still a little foggy so sorry if any of this comes across scrambled.

Our team Top Fool Elemonator participated in the 24 Hours of VIR this past weekend with our #34 Yellow Subaru. We started the race extremely well working our way up to 4th position before a faulty Alternator forced us into the pits for an unscheduled repair. Once we got back out we dropped down to 22nd or 23rd position. We knew we still had a lot of time to make up the positions and began to go after it. During the night session we had a couple of miscues and i know personally i hit the #37 MR2 (sorry, wasn't intentional). We managed to make it through the night until one of our drivers spun off into a tire wall damaging the passenger side of the car shortly before the morning safety break. He got the car back in, we pounded out the door and continued on. I believe we worked our way back up to 10th position and then the big wreck occurred. Our first driver out after the AM safety break lost control and ended up head first into another tire wall completely wiping out the front end of the car. <pic attached>

I know there are a lot of teams complaining of blocking during the night session. First let me apologize if our car was one of the culprits. I can promise you we weren't blocking but was simply trying to stay on track and not burn our eyes out with lights coming from behind. All in all we had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and came to the realization that 24 hour races require a lot more than a good car, good drivers, and luck. SLEEP is needed too.

Anyways, thanks for a great weekend to everyone involved and it was a pleasure racing with all of you!


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Guest Chump Change Racing

Ouch! I hope no one was injured in that crash. We the Confederate Yankees also had some trouble in the dark with vision and car control. There where a few spins and some contact with a tire barrier, but nothing like your car damage.

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