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Sebring thanks

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I want to thank the Chump crew and the Sebring track guys for getting the finish of the race in!!

You could have easily just called it a day and sent us home. One of the main reasons that this race had as many cars was the night finish. IMHO.

Thanks for letting it happen and put us down for 3 cars next year. Start @ 1200: finish @ 2:00AM would be even better.

Great bunch of Chumps made the weekend a joy.

Other notes; the BA Lincoln flogging thru T 17 in the dark was awsum.

The swapped Honda Civic was fast all day and well driven.

The winner, Chopped Nissan, was just cruising most of the second half , well driven, well prepped with no problems.

We had great runs with both badass Beatles. They are really nice bunch and we hope to pit near them again.

Thanks Chumpcar for making this event happen.


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Guest Silver Cobra

Our sentiments exactly for the ChumpCar staff and Sebring officials. Kudos to y'all! And those are two of the fastest Bugs we've ever seen!! Well driven, too. Those were no 40HP four bangers. What was in those rockets?!

-Flying Tigers

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I've also got to thank ChumpCar for putting on this race. What a great bunch of people. All of us in the #43, and #14 Bugs had a blast! We both had our share of problems to overcome, but just finishing the race is a win for our weekend. Definitely was a learning experience.

We found that:

(1) our lights are completely inadequate! I could barely see more than 40 ft in front of me :unsure: .

(2) We are in serious need of coolsuits.

(3) Our tires were treacherous in the rain.

(4) Changing a blazing Hot, broken transaxle in one hour requires more than one pair of gloves.

(5) and..... don't bring a bitchy girlfriend with you to the track on friday!

As much as the rain delay sucked, it was a great time for a break to meet some racers, shoot the Chit and grill some Brats! Can't wait to see the 2012 schedule, and make some plans.

Thanks again ChumpCar!

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I'll add the obvious "Thanks!" to Chumpcar for another great event. Our team all agreed that it was the cleanest racing we've experienced at the 4 events we've been to so far. I had a great time racing with one of the Beatles during my 11am stint. It was a riot watching it pull the front wheel thru the turns!

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We also had a great time at our first ChumpCar event! We did have a couple issues though. I ran into the Blitzen Benz trying to duck under him in T3, and we had a brake issue that took a few extra minutes during a couple of pit stops. We were certainly not cruising though! That was my first time driving Sebring and it took me a few laps to settle in, but after that I was driving as quickly as I safely could.

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