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Longer Longest Day 2011 images

Bill Strong

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I asked one of my drivers wife to take images over the weekend and she snapped off over 1000.

Mostly Toyota MR2, but there are a lot of others. Some are not the best, but she did her best to get us some great shots of the event.

Mind you that as of the posting time of this post, I am just starting the upload, so it may take a little while to get all the images uploaded.

Now it is time for bed...


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Hi Bill,

Great pics!

I was in the turtle eclipse saturday afternoon between 4-5pm (just before the break for the lights)and was behind one of the MR2's going around oak tree when it spun. Was this one of yours? We had an in-car camera, but unfortunately it ran out of memory before the spin occurred. I was able to dodge the MR2 on the outside, but ended up spinning out shortly after my tires hit the grass.


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I had to make a part two as I had over 1000 images.


It may have been one of our drivers. I was asleep at that point. So I don't know.

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