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Yellow flags

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  1. 1. When do you use hand signals?

    • Only during pit in
    • During yellows/cautions
    • Most flag situations and when pitting
    • Only the 1 finger salute
    • Hand signals???? ( in other words: never)

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Guest Stephen M

I always use hand signals for pit-in and point-bys. Both hands on the wheel for a yellow since I may need to make a sudden correction to avoid debris, car re-entering the track, etc.

Although as pointed out in another thread, my point-bys at night while wearing black gloves probably weren't terribly useful.

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The sightlines through the back of ol' Shad Max are quite hindered by a narrow window and a spoiler, so when I have to signal someone that there's a yellow or which way I want them to pass I hold my hand out the window and either just open hand or a point right or left. I will wave through the windshield after I let someone by.

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Hand signals during yellows at nelson seemed to meet with some confusion.

Most drivers saw a hand go up and acted as if they had some sense and honored the safety aspects. A few others however seemed confused as to what I was doing for a second only to resume driving like full on arsehats.

Overall I still consider it a good policy and the safe way to do business.

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I get a hand up for yellows (I may start waving it around if I keep getting passed), and try to point significantly faster cars by. We'll see how our new spoiler affects rear visibility, and I'm wary to take a hand off the wheel with our new welded diff, but I'll try to keep doing it on straights.

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i question Ya'll that think anything more than a hand up and waving means much. too much hand motion in the car and the guy behind you may have no clue what you are trying to communicate.

i typically wave my hand back and forth if a yellow suddenly pops up. other than than that i am pointing. if i am pointing to the left my hand is in my left outside mirror, if i am pointing to the right my hand is inside the car and typically frantic..................... as in get off my donkey and go around me.

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