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Any Video of Eggboy?

Izzys Cages

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I've got some, but you fly by us so fast that I don't think it's worth much. :lol:

Got a bunch of photos, if you can use them?

We can use it all, hilites and bloopers. :)

Seriously, a few seconds of the SHO passing your car on track would be awesome, along with the photos.

Please send to eggboy at krek dot com.


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  • Technical Advisory Committee

I think I have a clip of you guys blowing by us at Road America on Saturday.... I hope it is on one of the SD cards.

Because your car is sooo fast and sooo quiet, it really startles me and I said something like "WTF was that" and you guys are almost out of sight by the time I finish saying it.

It could be a really sweet clip if you include audio.

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  • Technical Advisory Committee

HAHA, that's awesome! Please send it if you have it, I'll make sure it hits the finished video.

I found it.....unfortunately it is on a mini VHS tape. We used an old school VHS camcorder for Road America. I have AV cables for the camera, and I have a capture card on a PC. When I have some free time I will try and convert this video to a digital format for you.

The old VHS camera is the only camera that has recorded more than a few minutes of video of a race for us. We have really struggled with radios and the digital camera.

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