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NOLA 2012 Pictures


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Preparations for our Chump race @ NOLA began months ago when our team voted to participate in the last ChumpCar race of 2011. However, dates changed due to the NOLA track not being completed. For us it was even a more positive thing because January in the South is better than January in the North on pretty much any given day. The weather in New Orleans for January 20-21 weekend was more than anyone could ask. Foresight and hindsight, the trip was a fabulous idea.

Arriving at NOLA Motorsport Park answered many questions about they type of facility it was and the status of the construction. The perfect, large palm trees through the long driveway were an introduction to what will be an elaborate complex of racing provisions. The many building distributed across the vast area were modern and big. The folks at the administrative building were very nice and the reception area spiced with Flor de lis and cool decorations in the spirit of the park's name and logo.

The garages for park members are sweet and well stocked with sexy cars. The permanent, dedicated autocross course something of which our SCCA SIR Club could be jealous, and the karting track and sports shop could only be great. We wished for more time and energy to partake in the karting. Next time.

The ChumpCar raced the North 1.8 mile course which is the only track course complete at this time. With dump trucks and implements of all kinds in constant motion more track will be realized shortly. The bangs of the dump trucks make us jump several times during the race at the thought of a wreck. The track surface made tires squeal, but much to the drivers delight it held cars, flowed well and gave what was intended. Track's great, right!?! Awesome! One exception was requiring hot pits be cleared within thirty minutes of checker flag. Sure put a huge damper on celebration. A cherished moment evaporated. That should be changed for future races. Thirty minutes after awards are distributed seems very reasonable.

The NOLA crew, fabulous. It goes without saying the chump crew is always fabulous! ...even when they threaten to kick me out for a bit of adrenaline on pit lane. Joey Todd did a fine job. His team was either was near perfect or the race teams were. Let's call it a combo. This organization rocks and has always had my faith and patronage. The initial model and evolution are really sweet; as close to freaking fun, “fair†and “affordable†as one could expect.

Pass ya at Daytona!

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Unfortunately, My Little Pony was having mechanical problems all race. They spent a ton of time in the pits.

I put my pictures up on Facebook. The album is here: https://www.facebook...=1&l=0164b4e717

Thanks for posting pics but I found a typo on caption #50, it should read "Team Infinniti leaving the pits in the foreground, they apparently came in for a quick fix black flag early on. :unsure:

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