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Palm Beach 24 Hour

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  • ChampCar Staff

Good morning Chumps!!!

We are an hour and a half into our lovely (and I mean PERFECTLY lovely) 24 hour enduro here in Florida! Other than a higher-than-average rate of attrition, we have had no major incidents.

Not like you can't check Race Monitor yourselves, but currently the top 5 are as follows:

#9 Sofa King Crappy (who recently acquired a rather luxurious sofa to complete their team theme)

#74 Lil Chump Change

#0 Track Rat Motorsports

#8 Team donkey Backwards (who had been leading up until about 20 minutes ago)

#27 4 Half Men Racing

We have a long way to go, and given how many cars are being repaired already, it should be really interesting to see who's the last Chump standing!!!

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Timing is smushed up, can't see what everyone is running for times or what lap they are on. Only can really see the team positions.

Same here. Last time this happened, it was an issue at RaceMonitor with a coding error in their web app.

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Hi Chumps! The back straight here at PBIR is massively loooooong! So, to save engines from blowing and save brakes from turning to molten pot-metal, Chumpcar has created and installed a right-left-right chicane to slow the cars down and create something more interesting that holding the steering wheel straight for 60 seconds on the back straight. The chicane is constructed of banded and bolted tires, 5-high and two-rows deep. They're pretty stout. As announced at the driver's meeting (similar to Charlotte last year), it's a $250 penalty for any car/team that smacks the tire wall. We warned everyone to consider the tire chicane as a part of the defined course -- anyone hitting the chicane of shorting the chicane has, in our opinion, altered the defined race course.

Love ya Chumpcar but poo-poo on the chicanes. Road Atlanta had a straight that was almost a 1/4 mile longer than PBIR. Granted PBIR is a bit boring so anything propbably helps the competition. But we are all racers and understand the good and bad of running a car. If we were really worried about blowing up or melting brakes we wouldn't be doing this in the first place. I'm just saying race the tracks as presented and what we have all seen and learned on in the past from watching it on TV or actually driving it. Ahhhh, had to vent. Forgive me, I'll shut up now. I know this isn't the place for this topic. :) GO FL TEAMS !
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Well, while YOU might not like the chicane, the Chumps at PBIR are loving it. We're getting rave reviews on the chicane, including drivers who ran here for the LeMons race on New Years.

And, we do these things for a reason, as well as based on experience.


I understand the reasoning and I raced that Lemons race myself. I'm in agreement with ya on having more to the track there at PBIR. It's got to be better than what we experienced, I think I'm more worried about Daytona. But after thinking about it the front stretch chicane at Charlotte was great and I really enjoyed running through there. And we were coming at that at a pretty good clip. I can change my mind in a minute. I'm crazy. :huh:
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  • ChampCar Staff

Okay, time again to let you know what's happening here!

#74 Lil Chump Change had been running in 1st for quite awhile! They attribute their current good fortune to strategy combined with our use of a chicane :-) We'll see what's happening with The Shockers- they advanced to first quite quickly!

It just briefly began raining a bit, so that may change the playing field.....

A few of the teams who had car trouble at the beginning are back out on track. The Double Penetration/Dolman Law Group teams have had some issues. They blew a head gasket on the VW and luckily are in the process of getting a replacement. Their other car is back in the paddock awaiting a new fuel pump.

We're pretty proud of #76 Who's Your Daddy? for finally getting their car started. They just finished getting their car tech'd

Right now the top 5 are as follows:

#21 The Shockers

#27 4 Half Men Racing.

#74 Lil Chump Change

#9 Sofa King Crappy

#5 Catch Me If You Can

We've got a few out on track that are beginning to sound a bit rough... we'll keep you posted!

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