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VIR. That's a pic of Bobby driving #32 the good guys crown Vic. this was our first chump car experience, the Crown Vic was gutted but totally bone stock and held together pretty well. Bobby drove for about an hour with the brakes totally cooked. I was next up in the car and and made three laps with the brake pedal going completely to the floor with no effect. We lost a bunch of laps having to stop and put a new caliper and eight pads on the car. This was one of the best times we've ever had. It was a real family affair Bobby's son Tyler and my son Thomas were on the team along with a couple other buddies of mine. It was just one of those life experiences you'll never forget. I've known Bobby for about 10 years and he'll race anything. Even my piece of crap Crown Vic. I posted more pictures in the gallery on the chump car website. Thanks to every body at chump car for making this a great series

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We just bought the CD package of the Stumptown Sweet 16 from Rob at Tifosi Foto for our entire team. For a fixed price, everyone got a CD of all the photos of our car. Probably the best price memento of our racing weekend, next to the free bodywork courtesy of another car.

Remember that it is only through the donation of their time that track photographers like Rob Harbeck and Doug Berger are able to document our craziness on the track. And their pictures are far better than anything I'm going to capture on my iPhone or automatic DSLR.

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