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MORE VIR Pictures

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I had posted a handful of pictures I took at VIR on Sat. I've loaded a batch more for your viewing pleasure. Hope I didn't miss any of the teams completely. If so, let me know and I'll find a few of them in my collection and get them added. Just like before - anyone is welcome to download and keep a copy. Enjoy !!


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You are quite welcome. I had 7 teams ask for full set of pictures of their cars. I was surprised that each set typically included about 20-30 pictures. Some of the ones going around corners may not be the most photogenic - and some are from pretty far off - but I like seeing who's holding a good race line and who has their suspension dynamics dialed in.

I'll offer up again for any other teams - if you're interested in getting all the pictures that include your car - simply send me a PM with a note " Please send me pictures my car # XXX" Include your email address and I'll have them to you within a couple days.

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What in the world springs are they running to be able to run that low...must be a huge rate

Wonder if they have also fabbed up geometry correction for that.

We don't have the room in our AIV to do geometry changes, and all that.

Yeah, you can run rediculous tires when your car has 0 body roll.

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Our car is that low with the stock springs.......................................

Maybe you are on to something. Run stock springs cut down so far that you are actually just using the bump stops as a highly progressive spring. Then the car is low, roll is null, and all you have to worry about is skipping like a pebble on a lake.

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The plastic riveted on side skirts make it look lower than it really is. If you took that away it does not look that low, but the low look is cool. You can see the body line there that is basically the same. The front is a zip tied on bottom half of a camry and then 2x4 wood then plywood scrap. It looks lower than it is. Yes, stiff springs that are really short. The shorter they get the stiffer. We found out the rear wing was such a bad design and flapped around so much that is slowed us down instead of helping. Well, live and learn. Ebay abs plastic junk. We do have ideas for that though. Scrap plywood, hmmm, who knows as things just have to come to you sometimes in a moment of need. Maybe I will do something, cover it with a bed sheet and not let people see it like it is really something to make people think we did something crazy. The rear diffuser wa s a bent up old hood I had in the scrap pile I just inverted and cut

up one day when I was like, this would look really cool. I just welded on some

6mm bolts to the cross member, drilled some holes, put on some nuts and was

like, ok, this might work. I have no idea if it actually works, but I was

thinking it could not hurt. It is not on there anymore as it got ripped off

when the car backed into the armco at Beaver and neither is the rear bumper

cover. I drove a stint after and it felt the same so who knows. I do have

another scrap hood from a Camry donor car that is willing to donate to the race

car instead of my recycle yard. The 5lbs it weighted and I get $8 per 100lbs

makes it a good deal to add for 40 cents. When I have time I might make another

one, who knows.

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