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Thanks to ChumpCar (John, Mike, Cathy) for your hospitality and inviting us out to cover the Daytona Race for your drivers.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by and took advantage of our viewing stations, we had a lot of traffic throughout the day and evening and hope everyone was pleased with their CD or Prints.

For those who asked if the photos would also be online, I am pleased to announce they are all uploaded and ready for your viewing.

As always, we have all the photos searchable by Car #, click the link below, add your Car # in the field to view photos by your Car # only! Prints and/or digital downloads are available for purchase.

We hope to see everyone again at Sebring in September. We had a couple of requests to come out to Road Atlanta and Atlanta Motor Speedway, we will confirm with the event organizers to ensure there isn't a Photog already booked for the event, if not, we will see you there too!

Daytona 2012 ChumpCar Photos:


Thanks everyone!



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Awesome photos (except the one where we're on the hook haha)

Thanks! At least you have comfort in knowing you weren't the only one being hooked and pulled out :) In fact, I was impressed with the whole process of the tow vehicles racing on the track in between gaps in the field to get to a downed car and pull them behind the wall, all the while the race was still green (local yellow when the truck was on course). They are some speed :ph34r: s!

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You guys should offer a cheaper option that just includes being emiled digital images. I don't need or want 8 X 10s, but would be interested if digital.


The price for the full day (The PayPal link at the top) is for digital downloads of your full day photos.

There is a cheaper option to purchase single digital photos, click the "Click to Buy" blue button over the preview window, there will be a "Prints" tab and a "Downloads" tab. The single image download price is under that "Downloads" tab.

Let me know if you have any problems finding it, eric@awolphoto.com.



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Guest AWiley1953

how do you search if you just want to see all that is available, and don't know car numbers?

If you print the results from Mylaps, you can then search for the number in AWOLS presentation. BTW, I think that the way that they did this was just stellar.

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