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Brainerd Rage on the Stage IV - Sunday 7hr

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The green flag fell at 9:01 on a slightly smaller field of cars under sunny Minnesota skies.

Two ot the three North Loop Motorsports BMWs, #20 & #21, did not make the start as overnight repairs were unsuccessful. The remaining entry, #25, is running. They will try to let most of their drivers get a chance behind the wheel, which means shorter individual driving stints and more pit stops.

The #29 BMW also did not make the start due to a blown head gasket that rendered the engine unuseable.

Team Bear Patrol, #24, is on the trailer with a blown engine.

The #22 BMW, the Most Interesting Chumps In The World, were able to get their car running today after replacing a broken rocker arm overnight.

Yesterday's winner, the #33Tubby Butterman BMW, saw a lot of work overnight, including replacement of a wobbly rear wheel bearing and a noisy differential.

First car to get the green was the #26 Shake and Bake Toyota, and they continue to lead after 40 minutes of racing. The Mayhem Racing Honda is 2nd, with the Team Party Cat Miata holding 3rd.

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First gear BMW out with headgasket blown. They made the parade laps.

They are pissed and went with the $29.95 Fleet Farm headgasket in a bottle and it did not work..

Travis has a great group of guys and would share a pit spot with them anytime!!!

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We dropped two wheels off and bent a rim. Had to retighten our left rear wheel bearing. Extra pit stop puts us further back.

Northloop e30 is coming in on a towrope. No idea what happened.

Three Porsches started yesterday. None finished. Two of them were back today. The red one lasted the warm up laps and a handful of racelaps and then was pouring steam out the car. The cars is on jackstands.

The blue Porsche (Brain-Nerds) is still out there.

The First Gear Garage e30 is in the trailer. They put a $27 bottle of head gasket fix in their car and it lasted exactly one lap. They are done.

The Chevette had some front end damage and they were using a chain and pickup to pull out the front end. Those guys never quit. they were busy last night and today welding all sorts of supports to the unibody. We hope to see them back out.

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Shake and bake mr2 back out. Car would not start after refuel. The old vapor lock.

Back on track.

Abr e36 had to come in for blown tire. They thoght to low on air pressure. Going to do further inspection

Tubby in the car now working car hard. When Maddog came out of his shift he was fighting for grip and working the wheel sawing.

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It looks like my stringers have been helping to fill the gaps. Thanks Tubby, Stogie and Underdogg.

The #11 Hyundai spun in turn 12, the #95 Neon tried to avoid it and was hit in the rear by the #17 Chevette. A very loud crunch happened. The Chevette had a lot of front end damage, but is now back on course.

#83 Mayhem Racing Honda blew a coolant hose and overheated. It cost them several laps to make repairs.

#01 My Little Pony Mustang is suffering from fuel delivery problems. The team installed a fuel surge tank for this race, but it has gone dry on them a few times. The problem may be in the pump that supplies the surge tank.

#63 Miaro spun in turn 12 then got stuck in the gravel trap and had to be pulled out.

Another car that did not make the start today was the #37 Lap Dog Honda which had a motor expire big time yesterday. Track owner Jed Copham is one of the drivers on that team.

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Whew it's getting hot and humid out there!

I had a great set of laps with #36 ABR (Glen driving) and we passed each other three times. Great close racing.

Chased BAR for several laps right before I pitted. We were really close inches away every lap. What a fun time.

#70 Speed Doctors is out with front left corner damage. Looks like the suspension is collapsed. The Euroworks e30 car is also out. The team is hanging out and enjoying themselves.

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Photo by Jerry Winker

Just got out of the #01 My Little Pony Mustang for my final driving stint of the weekend. It IS hot and humid out there, and I did not have a Cool Suit. Oddly enough I barely noticed it until I got out of the car. Now I'm sweatin' like a fat man. It helps that I am a fat man.

A few issues while I was in the car. We are still having fuel pick up problems. After about a half hour, the car starts to misfire in right hand turns. Since the Brainerd track runs clockwise, it is mostly right hand turns, the worst of which is turn 8, the "Cloverleaf" or carousel. The misfire would last for a couple more turns, and last longer each time around. Eventually the misfire lasted for too much of the track and it was time to pull in to the pits.

As the day got hotter, the tires got slipperier. Coming into turn 8 I lost grip under braking and hit a concrete curb, causing a flat LF tire. As the crew changed it, they noticed the the RF tire had steel belts showing, so had to replace that as well.

Jasper is in the car for the final laps, though we expect he will have to stop to top off the fuel cell.

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With a half hour to go, The #51 B.A.R. BMW held the lead, but due to excessive fuel consumption they have had to make one more pit stop late in the race. That handed the lead to #66 Holy Rollers Acura.

#33 Tubby Butterman also into the pits for a lengthy stop late in the race, reason unknown.

And with about 15 minutes remaining, #51 has retaken the lead from #66. and the 3rd place #09 is only seconds behind and stalking #66.

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BTW, I rented a helmet from Race Suit Rentals for this weekend, and took the option of using the NecksGen neck support. I was quite impressed! Never really noticed it was on until I realized that I was NOT wearing the foam collar. My neck was getting a little breeze above my suit.

Attachment is easy, by two clips similar to those on a seat belt. They snap in quickly and can be removed just as quickly.

I have not tried any of the major neck supports prior to this. It was most interesting to me that the NecksGen was pretty much invisible.

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British-American Racing, winners of last September's National Chumpionship, have won again in their Anglo-American painted BMW, and like the Chumpionship, by a small margin, At the finish, the MOV was 8.794 seconds over #09 Johnson Autosport BMW. Third place went to #66 Holy Rollers Acura, another 2.155 seconds back. Just over 10 seconds separating the top three after seven hours of racing! All three completed 197 laps on the 2.5 mile B.I.R. Competition Course.

4. JAB Motorsports VW Golf - 193 laps

5. #81 Team Party Cat Miata - 190

6. #33 Tubby Butterman Racing BMW - 187

7. #36 Ambitious But Rubbish BMW - 186

8. #80 Cheap Escort Ford ZX2 - 182

9. #4 Nile Racing VW Golf - 181 (Juvenile and Senile)

10. #49 Slugworks Honda - 177

The #66 Acura was lucky to finish the race at all! Excessive oil consumption, reportedly a quart and a half an hour, led the team to devise a way to pump oil from a tank made of PVC pipe, using a bicycle pump to pressurize the system. In addition one of the pipes on their header broke leaving the engine sounding particularly ill.

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Most admired team for me was #17 with the Chevette. These guys never gave up. After their shunt they pulled out the front damage with a chain and pickup. This was after welding up their car after tearing out the rear end the day before. Great effort guys!

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Huge thanks to they guys at BAR, and our pit-mates the the Speed Doctors! They helped us out a ton, and this weekend we needed it!!! Unfortunately we battled a angry fuel system all day Sat and then finally was out with a broken rocker. After a very mosquito filled night of repairs and a trip back to the garage in Minneapolis and back, we were able to start the race today. But after a very long few days of working on our heap, we had to call it quits when the tranny went.

Thanks again everybody for a great (but long) weekend!

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