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Pics/Vids 24hr Spokane 2012

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Guest KnightStig

Yep, there's everyone flying by our 280zx Turbo (now a non-Turbo). Turbo vomited it's impeller around 12:30pm. After removing the Turbo/Wastegate, plugging various holes, we were running a low compression, low revving, overheating, but late braking & hard cornering beast! Good times...

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Lots of one handed driving going on there man, careful, it may catch you out one day. Other than that, it was great to see you guys running its too bad about the head gasket.

That's what I told Mark as soon as I saw the video. Keep your hands on the wheel. "BOTH OF THEM". The head gasket blow with in 3 hours in to the race, we had all the parts in stock so it only took us 2.5-3h to do it. There was also some "crank walk" it moved 1/8 to 1/4in. So the last 4 hours we just ran it like that. Anything below 3,500 rpm and the car would stall. At about 10:30 Denis pulled it in because the oil pressure would not get up above 30-40 and we had no power. There is always NEXT YEAR :)


That's what it sounded like...

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Here is a video my 14 year old, Drew put together. This is in Joe and Todd's "Formula Roadster Z." This is only my second race, and my second time in a race car, period, so forgive my poor driving. Thanks to Joe and Todd for providing a very fast, well sorted car for me to learn to drive in. Drew, being a 14 year old, of course focused the video on one of my spins (I had two, yikes!).


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since no one else is playing...

This is our rookie Mike, His first time on a road course Sat 3-5pm


I have a few more to edit and post

Wow it looks like you annihilated every car in the field! My wife has a PT cruiser 2.4l turbo that has about 230 hp. Is that the same engine you run except the non-turbo version? Every time I drive her car I think Hmmmm not bad.

good job out there guys, too bad about the clutch issues

Pete, one of the Eh! Team

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