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Ensenada Race Reports

Guest ChumpCar

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Guest ChumpCar

Greetings race fans! Okay, so I'm here in Virginia... 90 degrees, hot, 85% humidity, mosquitos with 6' wingspan and (aarrgghh!) sweet tea! My apologies to you southerners that like this stuff but...

And where the hell is Cathy? She's in Ensenada! 80 degrees, cool ocean breeze blowing in from the beach, great Mexican food and fresh Baja seafood, little fruity drinks with umbrellas that will knock you on your arse... geeez! What the hell?!?

Okay, so Cathy e-mailed me and reported that all 12 teams rolled through the border without any issue. Los Federales did inspect one enclosed trailer but all the cars with open trailers just drove straight-on through. The inspection took just a few minutes and, soon, everyone was rolling down Mexico Hwy. 3 for Ensenada. At the hotel, everyone checked in, got comfy and met at the bar where ChumpCar hosted a nice little party for all the teams. (I ended up having a salad for dinner with Mike Chisek, and some really bad chianti.)

Cathy reported that they had cars on-track at 8:00am and the weather was perfect.

More to come...

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