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A BIG thank you to Junkworks, something positive from VIR

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  • ChampCar Staff

So with all the talk from VIR I was afraid this would get lost in the white-noise.

I want to thank the Junkworks team, car 101.

I was just a week or so over a really bad flu at VIR. I was still on antibiotics and some other meds and frankly probably shouldn't have driven. But it was VIR and 24 hours on the Grand course and I wasn't going to be denied. Well an hour into my stint and I was sick as a dog. Ok, the exhaust leak probably wasn't helping but I was so sick I was becoming disoriented and afraid I was going to crash. I called my team and came in for a relief driver.

When I got out of the car and stood up I all but passed out. I don't really remember much, but I recall being helped over to the wall where hands grabbed me and got me seated. Someone gave me some water. I remember talking to strangers and getting back over the wall into a chair.

Turns out the hands that grabbed me and got me over the wall were the Junkworks guys pitted next to us. They took care of me so my team could get the car back out. I have no idea how long I sat in their chair or how much of their water I used, but man I really have to thank those guys.

So thanks, and if you see them, please tell that what great guys they are.


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Guest Broke Neck

Thanks for the kind words, I am one of the JunkWorks drivers and I was actually in the pits with some of our crew when you came in. We saw you werent doing so well and one of our crew guys jumped down to help you out.

We are all there for the racing .... yes, but someones health absolutly trumps that, at least in our book.

VIR is our home track, and when we are at the track its one big family, everyone looks out for each other. Thats what I love about this sport .... not relying on strangers but if you needed something knowing someone would gladly help out. We like to keep that going.

Glad to see your doing alot better!!!!

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There were lots of good deeds. We pushed a bunch of dead cars down pit road (part of the game when you're in stall #1). One poor guy came to a dead stop in our pit stall and just looked so sad. We were looking at him and finally asked if he needed a push. He just nodded and away we went with him LOL.

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  • ChampCar Staff

I remember us having the Junkworks guys as neighbors in the paddock last year, and they're a great bunch so no surprises when they got called for the sportsmanship prize after the race! :)

Looking forward to seeing you again some other time

They got it? That's great! I went and recommended them to Mike. Rock on guys.

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This is the email I got from Mike:

Hi Mike,

Another team came to me in the night to tell me about something great you had done for them. I found the story a perfect example of the kind of attitude and actions that we like to see in ChumpCar and I awarded your team the Chump Award for the event. I still have the trophy with me and can deliver it to you at another event, or mail it to you if you would like. Thanks for being a “Chumpâ€!



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