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VIR non-contact issues? Feedback welcome!


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Although we spent so little time out on the track that we hardly could have been noticed much, the overheating issues we had also kept me too busy to keep the video camera going or to go to see how our drivers were doing. We had 6 drivers, (well, technically 7 but I never made it out) for the first time one guy with race experience but then the next most experienced of the other guys each had one failed race behind them.

With the exception from one guy who really like to take it slow, it seems from both Pittsburgh and here at VIR that our lap times are getting better - still slow, but not awfully so. There were more teams than us lapping in the 3.40 - 4.00 range, not quite like last year when it felt like all cars were passing left and right all the time...

So, does it mean that we drive a little bit better, or are we still doing stupid stuff? What should we concentrate on doing better for the next time? (Other than trying even more to keep the darn thing running!) If you were out there and you saw us doing things that bugged you - let me know. (If you really want to flame anyone, be nice and send that comment to me as a personal message! :) ) Or for that matter, if one of my drivers did good I'd be very glad to know that too. We can't learn when we don't know what we do right or wrong!

(Red Lexus ES250 with big yellow "Student Driver" sign on the roof)

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