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We Survived the Ensenada Grand Prix! Photos & Results


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Hola Ensenada ChumpCar teams!

What an amazing weekend of beachside racing! Where else does the paddock literally sit on the ocean or you can race alongside horses and through a cement plant (granted, the cement dust provided a quick autocross experience and many of you literally caught air). We’re all ruined the next time we have to return to a “regular†race track.

On behalf of ChumpCar, I want to thank the dozen teams that ran with us. It was a blast watching Geo #0 Metro Gnom, #3.1 Marvin the Martian & #76 Team POS Racing battle for position both days. And only a couple of tire walls were injured in the process J Welcome to the new teams with us from SpaceX…#691 Red Rocket, #27 complain donkey Bitches, and #99 Swamp Donkey Racing…you all were amazing as new chumps (and I learned some new vocabulary). Thank you to Garrett Katzenstein for recruiting them! The sombreros, ponchos and piñata were classic!

Congratulations to all of you; results have been posted to the website at http://chumpcar.com/register/results/55.pdf. And to our 2nd place winner, Aldolfo Ramirez/Chopo Motorsports…for a team that truly runs on a shoe string budget, we’re eager to hear how you did in the final Grand Prix race.

And a special shout out to John Magnuson & Seth Scally of Magnus Racing, Michael Chiappetta & Rod Metz of Leftover Parts Racing; thank you so much for all your support throughout the weekend. And my best to you both getting the piggy car and Alpha Romeo back in operation condition. And thank you to Dave Golder and Don Goldman from Hennessey Performance, appreciated your assistance all weekend and we can’t wait to see that real ChumpCar…the Taurus.

YOUR FIA LICENSES…The FIA coordinator came by after our final race to take photos for those drivers that had purchased a 2012 FIA license (the card vs the one-event wristband). I need the following drivers to email me a photo to cathym@chupcar.com (like what you would use for your passport, eg. 2x2) along with your desired mailing address, so that I can forward it to the FIA coordinator for card production. Once the cards are complete, they will be mailed to me directly, and I will forward them to you. Drivers who purchased the card include:

Aldolfo Ramirez

Lucas Doran

Juan Valenzuela

Walt Lockwood

David Golder

Don Goldman

Ian Norman

Neel Nayak

William Burkey

WE NEED YOUR PHOTOS & POSTS…If you have a great time, tell your friends by posting to ChumpCar’s Facebook page and online Forums found at www.chumpcar.com. I’ve created a photo album on Facebook. There was also a professional photographer onsite that took some amazing photos all weekend, see www.jaycruisephoto.com. Please email your photo contributions to infowest@chumpcar.com.

THE NEXT MEXICO RACE…I have been contacted by Caldera Promotions and they are willing to change the Mexicali Grand Prix date (which currently conflicts with ChumpCar’s Auto Club Raceway/Fontana event on 3-4 November 2012) to the weekend of 17-18 November, which is a great weekend since many folks take off the entire week for Thanksgiving on 22 Nov. BUT WE HAVE TO MAKE A COMMITMENT OF 12 CARS AGAIN BEFORE THEY WILL CONFIRM THE DATE CHANGE. If you are interested in running, please email me ASAP. The pricing will be the same and the Mexicali track is actually much nicer than Ensenada; the track is newly paved and is a much more interesting configuration, plus the hotel is nicer and the border crossings are considerably quicker.

NEXT SOCAL RACE…YOUR MULTI-RACE DISCOUNT…The next US ChumpCar event will be held at the Fontana, CA NASCAR track, Auto Club Speedway on 3-4 November. As a repeat ChumpCar team, you will are eligible for a multi-race discount, and will receive $100 off your car entry through year-end. Be sure to visit www.ChumpCar.com to view the remaining 2012 schedule and to get registered for Fall events, including Sonoma Raceway and New Year’s Even at Laguna Seca. As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me directly with any questions at cathym@chumpcar.com

Gracias de nuevo a mis amigos!

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The saying about rockets applies equally to ChumpCars: "There 's 1,000 things which can happen when one sets off a rocket -- and only one of those puts the payload into orbit."

Also: Back in the '60s and '70s, many rocket engineers also raced -- I ought to know: My father was (and still is), and did. (Volvo 1800S.)

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