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I walked the track today, its no rougher than it was when we were there last year. Heck, its over half asphalt and the asphalt corners look to be better than they have been in the past. The wall extension has not had much of an impact on lap times according to teams that were testing today. A ChumpCar should not need that extra room to swing out for Turn One and still maintain speed. I looked through some of our video and we did not use that area.

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Sure Mike, whatever you say man, lol. By swinging out to the right, you are only making the track longer, negating the minimal MPH that you would gain in taking the "better" line. This is not just my opinion, but that of some people who have a BUNCH of laps on the track before and after the modifications and with cars MUCH more powerful than any ChumpCar. If the faster cars are no slower with the wall extension, then Chumpcars will be no slower with the wall extension. Fact vs Fantasy

Signed, the 150MPH Z32 ;)

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Bigger arc= bigger speed potential . Our old speed entry @ T 1 was about 91, the new speed is about 85 with the HP car. The small change has put the TR out of range @this point ,we were very close before .

The Chumper is about 79mph, with the new line, (10ft tighter entry). Was 83ish prior.

The SM ,HPand the Chumper all are about 4-6mph slower through the exit of T 1. This speed is carried about 1000ft to T 3.

The Trans am cars are a little more slowed. About 2secplus per lap ,same air densisty

If you are going to argue physics with me, have at it. :)

The best drivers in the Miatas are all about 1.5- 2sec slower, mostly as a result of the 4-6mph slower T 1.The best drivers inthe country run the SM, some point in the year.

I made my living doin the Data for this track with TA, Have maybe 8-10000 miles on it.

Have fun ,MM

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2012 12 Hours of Sebring Pole: 1:45.820

2011 12 Hours of Sebring Pole: 1:46.571

2010 12 Hours of Sebring Pole: 1:45.214

2009 12 Hours of Sebring Pole: 1:45.278

2008 Qualifying based off of Practice Speeds

2007 12 Hours of Sebring Pole: 1:44.974

2006 12 Hours of Sebring Pole: 1:48.865

2005 No Qualifying due to weather

2004 12 Hours of Sebring Pole: 1:48.710

Not much of a trend now is there?

Physics is one thing, application of them is another. The old lines are still visible on the track, under the new wall and there really is not that much of a difference. Sure you could gain a whopping 8 feet of a wider entry without the wall there, but that also means that you are pulling the car to the right, lengthening the track, scrubbing speed, to achieve minimal gains through Turn 1 into Turn 2. There is the opportunity to drive 16 the same way with as wide of an entry as you want to take, heck you could add 50 feet to your entry arc, but nobody does, even when physics would tell you that you could have a faster minimum speed going into the longest straightaway on the track. More time would certainly be gained here by applying your Turn 1 physics, but again, NOBODY DOES THAT, obviously there is a reason why! I half think you are trying to set us up if we show up and go faster than we did last year, whining that we have gotten way too faster (lol) especially considering the track is "2 seconds slower" etc blah blah blah. Your physics knowledge also predicted us going 150+ at Daytona, remember how well that worked out for you?????

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Those times you posted are pro drivers, in pro cars. Here are the times from a SCCA regional. (More closer in car quality and driver ability to us chumps)

2011 ITA 2:37:597

2011 SRF 2:32:399

2011 SM 2:36:527

2012 ITA 2:40:415

2012 SRF 2:36:968

2012 SM 2:40:023

Until we all get there in a few weeks none of us knows for sure just how much slower we'll be.

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SCCA, SM class went to Hoosier tires this year, from Toyo.

Also if the chumps were not using all of the track, the change will not slow them down.

The fastest drivers use all of the track ,as the turns all lead to very long straight sections. T17, T 1, T 5, T 13, T 16 , The exit V is crucial to the long straight section times.

If you take a pad and pencil to the T 1 area, watch and record the lines of all the cars inthe class.. Take the same to T 16, the front running cars have all used the widest entry arc and had the hardest apex.

Compare you r notes to the car's times, they will coincide 90% of the time.

The 4 car vid, are 4 of the fastest guys inthe country.

I use these vids for my team info.


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