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Niels and Christian from Denmark, Nelsons 2012


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You heard it right Denmark.

I had a chance to speak to these 2 gentlemen Saturday evening. I was approached by Andrea who asked if we had any seat time to hand off to the 2 great guys. They read in a local magazine about this crazy racing in the USA where they could buy a $500 car and run it all around the track! Sounds like a plan.

So these guys were taking a holiday as they say in Europe. visiting places all over the USA including Nelson ledges because they made a contact on a racing website to drive! They flew all the way over and arrived only to find out the team they were racing with had electrical issues and the car was not going to make it.

So our directors wife was trying to find them some seat time! I opted to give up my Sunday morning stint for these guys and they accepted. My main concern was never running the track and it was 10 at night when they wanted to race! I awoke to hear good news that a ITE civic gave them a seat for 7 hours!!!

We got to speak with them and they absolutely loved the experience and we exchanged email addresses. Although scared out of their mind at night and that's what my concern was, but they are ready to come back. I emailed them this forum address because they did not know about the Connection forum.

I have to say getting exposure across the 'pond' internationally is quite and accomplishment!

John if you ever do something in Europe let me know ASAP!!! Ill schedule a business trip for the week before and take some vacation time!

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I heard about these dudes and we were also trying to find them some time. We had a little we were exploring sharing but then never heard anything else so we just kept after things as planned.

I wondered where the other civic came from and hoped it was them. After getting the feel for the track and the car they were going at it pretty well!

Kudos to them and to those who helped get these guys a great experience!

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Mike stopped by our pits because he knew we were a driver short a week ago. My team informed him we filled the spot and had nothing open while I was driving. After I got out they told me about the guys looking for seat time and I went to race central to see what they were wanting and was informed the track owner was preparing a car for them to run. I was impressed with that and the rest of the track employees.

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