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Nelson 2012

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Chumpcar deserves a big pat on the back for the NL race. It was well managed from start to finish with none of the monkey business that marred last years event. Behave badly on track and you got to spend some time in the penalty box thinking about it. We were having a very nice race until a rod decided that it no longer wanted to play and tried to escape through the block. Thats racing.

Once again thanks for a great weekend !

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Skytrooper, I completely agreed! Mike, John, Andrea, Ken and the rest of the ChumpCar folks did a great job with control this year. I also think there was a better "band o brothers" driving this year. Lower car count helped, but from my seat inside #70 there was some "gentlemanly" driving that avoided what could have been some bad "flipping" results. That said, there were two incidents where the field checked up because a slower car was being passed by a slightly faster car. This created a train of some seven, eight cars. In both cases the "pros" kept their patiences and waited for the bottleneck to clear....and then along came the "moron" in the caboose who tried "divebombing" the entire lot! Really? In a 25 hour race? Stupid! Fortunately, the chumps had great car control and managed to avoid the fools. I don't want to hear, "that's racing," no, that's B.S.! Maybe in a 15min sprint race, but not in what we do.

I'd like to also thank Bill and David and my fellow drivers and crew of Mod Squad Racing! Great job! Thanks for the opportunity to race with a first-class team in a "badass" looking AND fast little race car! The result was disappointing, but the weekend was a databank of wonderful memories. Thanks! And thank you, my brother and sister "chumps", (except the two morons), for a well driven race! You folks are a blast to run with. If I did something goofy, epecially during the 1-3a "night shift", and caused you grief, please forgive me. I'll do better next time!!!

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Guest racindave

It was my first race ever, endurance or otherwise and wow was it fun. Thanks to everyone who made it happen from the Chump folks, the SCCA corner workers, the Nelson track people (thanks Bryan!), the good drivers and anyone else that allows us to safely pursue our passion.

I want to thank my team's (Kick Uranus) car owner Ashley for making a solid car and being an all around great guy, our team manager Jillian who makes the magic happen on and off the track and my killer teammates and crew, in no particular order!, Jeff, Glenn, Mark, Doug, Daniel and Dave, some of these guys being brilliant mechanics and driver double threats..

The variety of cars and creativity was cool. Props to the silly cars. I enjoyed the Snoopy on the 944. The livery on the Wil-E Coyote car was great. (Nemesis Ridiculi). I do have to give the nod to the 70 for being the coolest looking "racecar" out there.

I had a couple close shaves but thanks everyone for keeping it clean and not punting me. I hope I didn't cause any grief out there myself on in the 11pm to 1am stint. I had never driven at night either! I was part of that major line o' cars at least once and most people were civil, which I appreciated.

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On behalf of myself,i want to thank you racers! If none of you weren't crazy enough to race over 25 hours at a time,i wouldn't have a place to stand/walk back and forth 25 hours at a time.

But seriously,thank you all for the passion you have to race "so called" race cars(not bad mouthing...i have 2 myself ;) ) so well. Concidering the wide range of talent and equipment,it IS awesome racing to watch.

Thank you all for doing your part to keep ChumpCar in business...it still is the BEST bang for your money/race fix!!!

Hope to see you all again soon at the track!!!!!

Kent "stiglet's dad" Merkle

Stiggy loves to be called stiglet,by the way :D

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