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Eastern Chumpsionship AMS

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A perfect day to race, weather is superb, competitions tight, its going to be a race against the track, a very fast and abrasive track, more info in a few hours when everyone else notices they didn't bring enough spare tires.

Aside from the top 5 rotating positions with minor glitches only 4 cars off track right now, the Flying Tigers miata got tangled up and bent their right front suspension, repairing it now, 55 chump change not running, the 56 sentra sitting with the axle out and the 99 e30 looking like its about to run again.

Edit 55 just pulled back on pit road..

Race footage of our first stint processing now , watch the 10 min mark for a close one [media=]http://youtu.be/cWMu3pVVOK4

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A glorious unsustainable 10 minutes in the lead B)


We may podium but competition is fierce, one pit window mistake about 8 hours ago came back to haunt on the last pit stop where a ChumpCar timing and scoring guru informed us the final stint was going to overtime by 3 minutes, we were either going to have to take a excruciatingly long pit stop or change drivers to fix the issue . <_<

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Congrats to a rock solid run by inACURAte Racing!

Jason will love to hear no e30s were glorified with a podium although we were very worried for most of the day as SRF was running a strong team of 2 e30s ready to pounce but were nickle and dime-ed by little issues all day.

A uncharacteristic last minute glitch of the Blitzen Benz changed everything, the podium could have been very different.

All said and done this was a very well matched group, no runaways.

As it stands for MMs collection:

AMS Chumpsionship

P1 V6 acura

P2 V6 infiniti

P3 I6 Benz

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Just watching the live timimg was exciting. Congrats to all the Podium Finishers. Well Done.

I believe there must have been some kind of timing glitch, At one point in the race, almost All the Best lap times dropped into the 1:40's across the board. The best speeds on Mylaps doesn't seem correct either.

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Was so awesome. Our first race we run 13 laps and blew up. We came to this race and ran till the checkered... under our own power. We were not racing anyone and we all did our best to be courteous and stay out of everyone's way. Simply came to get some more seat time and turn some laps. It was amazing to get multiple stints. We broke a motor mount which cut a hose. Fixed the hose/radiator. Then figured what the original problem was which was the motor mount. Spent about 75 minutes in the garage total to do this. Driving at night was a blast! One of my top 5 on track driving. I was running multiple laps with the Lincoln and Mustang trading speed in the corners and losing it on the banking. Was so much fun!

We finsihed P14 in our first completed race. Team is super stoked and car and spares are parked and unloaded. Waiting for Road Atlanta!

#82 John Allen Special USFail 1

Congrats to the Acura team, Infiniti and Benz on the podiums! They all ran so clean and fast the entire time. Was defintely a nail biter! VIR was awesome but running the entire time you really get the 'feel' of a entire event. ChumpCar is awesome!

Photos to come.

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I can't reinforce Halston's (dinanm3atl) sentiments enough. After the heartbreak of our failure to VIR, which was after our first race and the one we spent a year preparing for, we were probably the most excited team on pit road after the race. I had the pleasure of driving our car the last stint and you could hear the excitement from the team growing with each new radio transmission. And to finish 14th in a field of podium finishers? That was just the icing on the cake.

I hope everyone felt safe racing around us. To my knowledge we had no incidents aside from two early spins. No contact with other cars is a good thing, right?

Big thanks to the #99 e30 team (sorry, I can't recall the team name right this second) for giving us their spare motor mount. Also thanks to the SRI boys for a few e30 tips.

Thank you ChumpCar.

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Guest thunder chicken

WHAT AN AWESOME RACE TRACK! WHAT AN AWESOME RACE!!! Big congrats to Infiniti, inACURAte, and Blitzen!!! Everyone raced a great race.

+1 to Infiniti about the tires! That was by far the most abrasive track I have ever been to! We finished the race with no spares and the right front starting to cord!

Huge props to team donkey backwards. they made a mistake on track, hit another car, then went immediately to the auto parts store and bought the parts to fix the other teams car!! Very chump!

We had our best race ever! Finished P7 after battling back and forth with TAJ racing all day.

Huge thanks to Mike, John, Derrick, Donnie, and all the chump staff!

Cant wait to see you guys at Road Atlanta!!

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Just woke up from attending the race at AMS. I worked as pit road marshall along with my son Justin last night. Justin even drove the pace truck for awhile. We had a great time last night, even though we were understaffed, we had fun. The food was great! I was really impressed with the racing and with the great pit crew efforts. Thanks Chumpcar for letting us work for you. We are building a car for Road Atlanta and hope to be racing not pitting. Congrats to all the top finishers and again the pit crews all did great. We hope to be at Road Atlanta as Speedway Creations in a Mazda RX7.

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