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Road America - Day 2 - 10/21/12


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Perfect Day for Racing! At least so far. A little chilly when we got to the track, but there are no clouds in the sky and the sun is warming everyone up nicely.

Cars are on the track, at least most of them. Several have already spent time in the pits and a few are already getting attention in the paddock.

In the lead after the first half hour is the #39 Chump Faces BMW, pursued by the #25 Buck Snort BMW. Buck snort is turning faster times by about 3 seconds a lap, one of two cars that have posted laps faster than 3 minutes. The other is the #38 MR2 Biohazard that led much of yesterday's race before falling out due to a gearbox failure late in the event. #38 is currently in 4th place, with the #49 Slugworks Turbo Honda in third.

And before I can finish this note, #25 has taken the lead from #39.

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Two days in a row the podium takes a turn for the unexpected right at the end. You just never know whats gonna happen...keep making laps!!

Great new teams,wonderful to see ole friends and chump vets! And even got to see my old K-car run again. So sorry guys Shad-ette blew on ya with only an hour to go! :(

Chump volunteer's...are awesome! Thank you one and all! The racing was great, the track frickin greater than awesome,the village nite life well.....epic!!! (just don't drink with canadians,they are profesionals)

Never turn down an oppertunity to go to Road America,and make it a chump event,cause Chumps Rock!!!!

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