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Road America Carousel wreck video!


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I saw the corner workers waiving yellow flags like crazy so I slowed down and gave the corner workers plenty of room and when I saw the car, I was just thinking "well they are done"

At least I got to pass a car...not the way I wanted to though lol

the restart was CRAZY for me....Everyone stacked up behind me (go figure since it was my first road race and the car was hurt it was BOUND to happen) and then when we went green, I just gave everyone all the room in the world to get by me.

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Big thumbs up to the safety crew for getting to me quickly, for sure. Thanks to our Necksgen device and safety gear I was able to walk away with not much more than soreness and a few bruises. The ChumpCar staff isn't kidding around when they say that safety is well worth the investment.

We're writing off this car and salvaging whatever parts we can from it. My crappy driving ruined our shiny new radiator and transmission, though :(

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So what are you guys building for next year?

Another 900. Road America proved that we are finally somewhat competent mechanics and know the platform well. We're heavily invested in the platform too. We believe we can still compete with most e36s if we build the car right. Granted, we haven't had a single race yet where something didn't come up that cost us laps or laptimes.

Anyone want to arrange group transportation to the Glen? :)

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