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Road Atlanta is on!


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The race is on..

Overcast and little bit of spit at the start.

Tubby is in the car first.

Will post start of the race in a few... Capt Hazelwood is on it..

Tubby saying black 300zx blew motor and they have trucks to pull him off.

Tubby saying passing on yellow #39... what ever car that was?

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Alright, sorry for the delay chumps, thank you stogie for some early updates. Some chaos early on with numerous a'splosions and general car failures led to a hilariously high amount of passing under yellow. Black flags being handed out like candy as we speak. Aside from that, some epic racing early. BoomPowSurprise in a duel with GT30, BAR and Simon Says duking it out. Tubby being the rookie he is is slowly getting faster as he's scared of hills.

Car 79 (MG) blewed up and are heading home.

Sanford & Son pulled in, not sure of issue or severity.

Black 300ZX towed in.

VW Rabbit stogie mentioned hauled in on flat tow after car-b-que.

My camera decided to die in the process of filming the start so I will be charging it then will start getting pictures/videos.

Simon Says just pulled in for pass under yellow wrist-slap by Sheriff Salamander.

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