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What the heck is this guys dealio?

Ham Sammich

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We're on our way to a race last weekend, it's blizzarding like crazy. The outa staters with Texas plates going 15mph with their hazards on, the people used to driving in these conditions, doing the speed limit... just another day in paradise.

We're on interstate, 2 lanes wide. I'm going about 55 in the left lane, making progress on a guy going 50 in the right lane. We get just about along side him and he hits the brakes and starts nudging over. and nudging over... and slowing and nudging us over. Finally we're doing about 20-30mph and we're both locked up, an anti-lock "brake war". We're now about a foot into the ditch grass on the left side, he's half a truck off and still nudging us over (we're hanging about a fender on his rear 1/4 panel), into the median about 1 foot in front of us. We're both still on the brakes, now barely walking speed. He's slipping just a bit more and we've now got just enough room behind him to cut a hard right and get back on the road and cut in behind him while he slides down in the median at about 1mph and we go by. I look back, he makes his way back up onto the road and keeps going behind us. We're kicking up enough snow, we lose site of him in about 15 seconds, and that's the end of it...

WTF WAS THAT?! We reviewed it for the next hour. What was this guy thinking or doing?!?! The only thing we can come up with is that perhaps this was related to the big dent in the tailgate of his oilfiled work truck. We're maybe thinking, he got a dent in a work truck, his kick-donkey job is at risk and he decides if we rear-end him, he can explain the dent to his boss, and he keeps his job. No other reason for it... at all.

It was dark, our lights were all over the back of him and in his driver side mirror. he saw us, this was a conscious decision to have us hit him, or drive us all into the ditch.

Was a busy road, about a car every 1/4 mile or so, not desolate, not likely it was some kind of robbery attempt in the middle of nowhere.

THIS, is a good example of why auto racing can save your bacon. At no point was I particularly worried, just seemed like a racing "thing". Just close proximity driving waiting for the moron in front of us about 12" to move over a bit... ;) I'm just glad my wife wasn't in the car... She's a screamer...

Sure was an odd scenario.

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