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Bridge Turn at RA

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According to google earth you drop from 1023 to 939 (at the track out point for 12) so that's 84 feet.

I'd say that 3 is a more difficult turn to take fast and it also probably causes more wrecks. I didn't attack 3 my entire day and played it conservative there.

I'm not a local, so I'm interested in hearing the opinions of guys that have a lot of laps there.

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It will make you religious the first few times you go over the "hill", just for a lack of orientation really. Once you figure out the race track was there the lap before and it will be there the lap after, you will feel better :)

I was surprised I never had that "rollercoaster-elevation change" feeling...

I was also surprised by T3, once I rolled through there a few times it was a piece of cake. It's just that little bit of uneasiness with the blind uphill corner leading to it.

For any of you iRacing people out there, that will definitely teach you the course layout. If anything I found it easier to drive in real life.

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I'm not saying turn 3 was tough, however I could have carried more speed through there, although it's somewhat of a throw away turn because you can always make up time in 4 and the esses.

I think turn 1-2-3 at Mont Tremblant is similar but more difficult. If you're at speed on street tires the car will drift about a car width to the left as you come over the ridge and the car unloads (turn2). The drop is only about 50 feet but you're in the middle of a high speed turn when the bottom drops out.

Go to 5:10 on this video


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I pussed out on turn one the entire race. I never got close to tracking out to the edge. :( I did finally learn to take 12 flat, and three seemed not that hard to me. But 1, ugh.

Same here! That dam T1 had my number all day, just could not get it right. Then towards thend of my stint I started to push a bit more and found my self in a 4 wheel drift towards the track edge. Tires started to fall off and get overheated and we had to put new ones on for Tubby.
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